Benefits of SEO Service Companies & Risks of DIY SEO

Benefits of SEO Service Companies & Risks of DIY SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a much misunderstood marketing method with a bit of a bad reputation which is sometimes difficult to overcome. This is not always deserved as due to changes in the rules imposed by the Search Engines like Bing, Yahoo and Google what may have worked in the past is not always relevant now.

This although bad news for you is another reason experts in internet marketing and SEO outsourcing services are better placed to deal with these changes as they will be more aware what the changes required are.

As you will see from the following SEO info graphic from there are a whole range of options and considertaions which affect and can be affected by SEO changes.

The complexity of these means that business owners can often do more damage than good by looking to implement their own DIY SEO.

There are a number of internet marketing strategies which are much easier for a business owner to implement than by undertaking their own SEO. I often laugh at this as it reminds when hundres of years ago people used to do their own dentistry! The underying reason for this was that there just wern’t many dentists around and with the time and cost of travel to these and then issues around the safety of these it was more understandable. Wheras the same cant be said now for internet marketing and SEO services.

Most people wouldn’t think of doing this now with the range of specialist tools and pain relief available at a dentist yet they still persist in potentially disastrous SEO marketing efforts to save some time or money,  or even perhaps due to a lack of trust in using an SEO outsourcing company. Either way we don’t recommend it.

If you want to get involved in your marketing, a much better use of your efforts would be to channel your energy instead into social media efforts which are much safer or write more content for your website or create more videos for your YouTube video channel.

Check out our next posts when we’ll go over some easier and safer marketing strategies which you will be able to undertake yourself.

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